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The Post-Modern Congregation

Living as Missional in Today’s Society…A Return to the Roots of Our Faith
One of the unique thoughts for us all is how do we embrace the God WHO changes not and the societal changes of today.
One of the greatest influences that have occurred is with the access laypersons have with information. Once only available for the spiritual elite, the "veil" called access to such information has been removed far from us.
This is why many of the traditions of men which have so long ruled the congregations now have become exposed and wave after wave of believers have returned unto the Father's of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This is the Old Path that we have been called to seek out in Jer 6:16
We have exposed pagan traditions such as "Christ-Mass" and "Isthar's Day" (easter) and the Feasts of Yahovah have once again resurfaced and are being taught, once again, as Biblical Truth.
Also the 5-Fold Ministry has emerged and the offices of the apostle and prophet have resurfaced and we do not know how to re-engage and re-connect them to the Body of Messiah. Furthermore, the modern CEO/Pastor, which emerged after Wittenberg, who has become the central figure of the church or congregation.
We have come full circle, "Missional", and returned to the foundations of Acts 2:42-47 where relationship and discipleship were paramount in everyday life.

We have discovered 1 Corinthians 12-14 and now more than ever we need to heed the warnings against false prophets and false teachers creeping in unaware. And, yet, at the same time we hear the clarion call to unity in the Body of Messiah as never before. Denomination lines are being removed in order to make room for our brothers and sisters across the table.
We are learning that Denominations divide us from one another and we are entering into the prophetic fulfillment of Messiah Yahshua's pray in John 17. In order for us to get together, we must be together. This is why the shepherds were keeping watch over their flocks by night. They were coming together for fellowship, rest and protection.
What will the postmodern congregation look like? I believe it will look like the congregations of old where possessions, or the American Dream, are no longer what motivates us. It is an era of unprecedented vision to fulfill our call as the Body of Messiah.
This era is also exposing the wheat from the tares...sheep from the goats...real relationships with Messiah as a body are being set apart from the social or religious organizations often called churches today. The body does not want big buildings with gymnasiums and a focus on "me" any longer.
We have been far too selfish with our giving expecting something in return for our investments in the here-and-now. Today's post-modern era congregations are now looking for ways to become more Missional; even if that means selling off our "dream" property and meeting in parking garages so that we can fund the gospel to the unreached and unengaged people groups with those same resources.
This is a litmus test for the congregation in the post-modern era: Who is benefiting from our giving? If the answer is "me," or "us," or even "our children" then we have fallen into the trappings of the "me-generation" and religion. If the answer is to fulfill the Great Commands and Great Commission by going and sowing into our impoverished brothers and sisters due to established relationships. THEN, we re-connecting with our Biblical Roots and walking as disciples of Messiah instead of a corporation.
In Simple Obedience and Love,
Larry Walters, an apostle
1 Timothy 2:3-7

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