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Marriage Bread
By Larry and Ana Walters
“We pray that this will inspire greatness in your marriage counseling.”
Ingredients and the Picture(s) They Represent:
1.      Whole Wheat Flour-7 Cups (a picture of the completeness of Messiah)
a.      2 cups a picture of the witness of man
b.      4 cups added a picture of the witness of Yahovah
                                                              i.      These 6 cups remind us of the number of man
                                                            ii.      And Yahshua Who is the Son of Man
c.       1 final cup
                                                              i.      Added ½ by ½
                                                            ii.      A symbol of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
                                                          iii.      And Fire
                                                           iv.      7 is also the number of Divine Completion and no marriage is complete without being infused with Elohim; Father, Son, Spirit.
2.      20 OZ of Hot Water-The Washing of the Word continually cleanses us in our daily walk together.
3.      1/3 Cup Olive Oil-A Picture of the Holy Spirit and the anointing necessary for the marriage to work out all of the challenges and weather the storms of life.
4.      1/3 Cup Honey-Reminds us of the sweetness of the Word of God.
5.      2 TBSPN Brown Sugar-Represents the Bride
a.      Her sweetness
b.      Her texture and lumps
c.       She must be fully committed to her marriage and accept her role as the helper
6.      1 TBSPN  Sea Salt-Represents the Groom
a.      He is the salt of the marriage to preserve it and guard it
b.      He also must be fully committed to his marriage and accept his role as the priest in the home.
7.      2 Packages of Quick Yeast-Yeast in Scripture represents
a.      Things that need to be worked out of us
b.      And the Kingdom of Heaven which needs to be worked into us
8.      A pinch of sugar to prove the yeast.
a.       8 represent’s the new beginning walking as one or basar echad “one flesh.”
b.      The yeast is proofed as it works with the sugar demonstrating the power of agreement.
The Teaching Begins:
            Before we combine the ingredients; let us look at the ratio between the flour to the brown sugar and sea salt. 7cups: 0.188 cups. This is how much we need Him in our marriage. We are the vessel; He is the marriage.
A Question:
Have we ever bought bread and said, “This is a nice loaf of sugar and salt.”? In the same way our goal should be to look so much like Messiah that people begin to comment about Him rather than us.
Making the Dough:
1.      Combine the “wet” ingredients
a.      Hot water, 1/3 cup of Olive Oil, and 1/3 cup of Honey
b.      Hint: use the same measuring cup. This allows the Word (water and honey) to work with the Spirit (oil) in us.
2.      The Bride adds the Brown Sugar
3.      The Groom adds the Sea Salt
4.      The bride begins to combine the 1st of the 2 cups of flour into the mixture
a.      Gently do not stir mix with your hands
b.      At this time the groom activates or proofs the yeast
                                                              i.      1/3 cup warm not hot water
                                                            ii.      A pinch of sugar
                                                          iii.      2 packages of Quick Yeast
1.      DO NOT STIR
2.      The Holy Spirit does not need your help.
c.       Next the groom gently combines the 2nd cup of the flour
5.      After the yeast begins to bubble or foam add to the mixture.
6.      Pastor (Leader who will perform the wedding ceremony) begin to blend in the 4 cups of flour
a.      Slowly, don’t “dump” the flour into the bowl
b.      Do Not Over-Mix
c.       Messiah is a gentleman, He doesn’t force
7.      Before adding the final ½ cups of flour have the groom and bride place their messy hands onto the pastor’s shoulders.
a.      Why?
b.      He should always be a part of their marriage
                                                              i.      Prayerfully
                                                            ii.      Personally
8.      As the pastor cleans his hands the couple begins to fold the dough.
9.      Have the pastor warm and oven then turn it off for 2-3 minutes
a.      The heat will help the bread to rise.
b.      And by continually teaching about love He warms their home.
10.  Have the couple hold their hands before they wash them
a.      This reminds them that at times their marriage will get messy
b.      And that they will both need to love one another no matter how dirty they other becomes.
Time for the Dough to Rise:
11.  A clean Large Mixing Bowl
a.      Rub lightly with Olive Oil (prevents sticking) and everything associated with the marriage need to be anointed by Abba
b.      Place the dough into the bowl and cover it with a towel. This is a symbol of dying to self.
c.       Place the bowl into the oven. A picture of Messiah’s tomb for 45 minutes.
12.  Clean-up.
a.      It takes 2 to make a marriage work and working together as one heaven’s plan and purpose for marriage.
b.      Our goal is to become a beautiful portrait of Messiah and His Bride.
Biblical Application:
13.  While we are waiting for the dough to rise, it is time to look at what the Bible says about the covenant of Marriage
a.      Genesis 2:24-26…Matthew 19:4-6
b.      Proverbs 5:18-19…1 Corinthians 7:1-16
c.       Proverbs 18:22
d.      Psalm 112…Ephesians 5:25-28
e.      Proverbs 31:10-31…Ephesians 5:22-24
14.  After the dough has risen:
a.      Have the couple both punch down the dough.
b.      As they do tell them pride comes before destruction for your marriage to thrive you must humbly serve one another daily.
c.       Then have them divide the dough into 4 equal parts
                                                              i.      Form the dough
                                                            ii.      Place the dough into separate greased pans
                                                          iii.      Cover for 45 minutes again and allow the dough to rise.
Back to the Word:
15.  While the dough is rising continue to share about marriage from the Bible’s viewpoint
a.      Ephesians 5:1-2
b.      Colossians 3:12-19
c.       Hebrews 13:1-8
d.      Ask the bride if she can take the brown sugar out of the dough?
e.      Ask the Groom if he can remove the sea salt?         
Time to Bake the Bread:
16.  Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees
a.      Place the 4 loaves into the oven
b.      Bake for 20 minutes
c.       Allow to cool for 30 minutes on a cool rack
Fire and Marriage:
17.  Teach about the Hebrew word for “fire.” Aish.
a.      VA-Fire-A Strong Devourer
b.      In the Hebrew anytime a word is repeated twice it is means
                                                              i.      Completely
                                                            ii.      To the Full
c.       In a marriage there is the potential for the fire to completely destroy both the husband and the wife.
                                                              i.      In the word Husband
1.       We find part of our Father’s name; the letter “Yod”.
2.      A man is good at working in the fire
3.      And with his hands…doing
                                                            ii.      In the word Wife
1.      We find part of the Father’s name; the letter “Hey”.
2.      A wife brings life out of the fire (birth pains)
                                                          iii.      Both letters “Yod” and “Hey” give us the word “Yah” abbreviated Yahovah.
                                                           iv.      If we take Yah out of the husband and wife we leave them both carrying only the word “fire” and this double fire will bring destruction.
                                                             v.      With Him in the marriage any fire of the enemy will be put out.
                                                           vi.      Also, we find that when Yahshua is the Prince of the home He brings peace.
                                                         vii.      When the home is full of stirred water, then shame runs amuck.
Breaking Bread Together:
18.  Now that the loaves have cooled slightly…
a.      Bring 1 loaf to the table and demonstrate the picture of being one.
b.      Bless the Bread and ask Abba to bless their marriage and keep them whole as one.
c.       Then break the bread
                                                              i.      Give ½  to each member
                                                            ii.      Let them ruminate on what ½ of a loaf looks like.
                                                          iii.      Then teach on what divorce does to the family leaving them both broken instead of whole as Yahovah intended.
d.      Also teach about establishing a “cooling off” time when conversations become heated.
                                                              i.      Like the bread once cooled down then the two can come together
                                                            ii.      And remind them that the bread is a picture of Messiah
                                                          iii.      And this is their key to always invite Him into ever part of their relationship… including their disagreements.
                                                           iv.      This will keep the enemy out of the relationship and prevent further heartbreak and regret by saying words we do wish we could take back.
AS for Me and My House…A Time for Commitment:
19.  As you get ready to enjoy 1 loaf (the one broken) get some butter or gee.
a.      Apply the butter liberally and have the couple feed one another.
b.      Romance happens in the small things in life; not just the big things
c.       As you break bread together it is good to have some water or juice
d.      And then read Acts 2:42-47
e.      After ask them to dedicate their lives to Abba
                                                              i.      To trust Him in every decision
                                                            ii.      To follow His divine plan for their marriage
                                                          iii.      To fulfill their purpose as living examples of Christ and His Bride
                                                           iv.      To lay down their lives, goals, plans, dreams, and ambitions to allow their home to be established as a Gospel center in their community.
20.  Send them on their way with a prayer and 1 loaf of bread to enjoy at home; to remind them that they must make the Word of Yahovah a part of their daily life together.
(Here stress the importance of private and joint/family devotions and prayer time.)
21.  Keep 1 loaf with you to remind you to pray for their marriage as you break bread daily from house to house.

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