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Prayer Fuel...Part II

Shalom Dear Ministry Partners and Dear Friends. How we love you and thank Abba for you. We thank Him for your burden for those who are unreached and unengaged by the Gospel as laborers together with us. 
(1 Thes 1:2-3; Heb 6:10)

How has your prayer life been lately? Does it seem dry or routine? Do you struggle to enter into His presence daily? Is there a fire in your prayer life or are the coals smoldering in need of a fresh wind and fresh fuel?  
(Rev 2:1-7)

That is why we are writing you today. We pray that this small note will be fresh fuel for your prayer altars and that the Holy Spirit will breathe upon the coals causing the fire to ignite once again. (Isa 57:15)

This week we have re-committed our family to the Father. We have held devotions daily and have engaged our grand-daughters to become active participants instead of casual listeners. And it is great to see them wrestle with their answers.

Why would I call their struggle, “great?” It is great because they are beginning to know about their identity in Christ. They are starting to understand that being a disciple of messiah Yahshua is more than attending a service, a season of praise and worship, and taking notes. 
(Rom 8:15; 1 Jn 3:1; Eph 5:8)

They are learning the difference between being a casual follower that maintains their religious commitments and a real relationship with Abba Father. We asked, “What does it mean to be a disciple of Messiah Yahshua?” We allowed them to go back in time and sit at the feet of the Master. Then we invited Him into the here and now. 
(Jn 14:16-21; Jn 15:4-7)

We have all been asked, “If Messiah was staying with you for the day how different would your day have been?” What about you dear friend? What if Messiah was walking with you all day today? Would your journey today been the same, or would things have been different?” (1 Pe 2:21)

I believe we all know the answers that we would like to give; and the answers we would need to give. If Messiah was walking beside of us all along this day, we would have handled situations differently. Perhaps we would have slowed down to spend more time at His feet…in His presence. (Ex 33:14; 1 Chr 16:27; Ps 62:5; Ps 130:6)

Perhaps we would have stopped doing what was not really important, and invested time developing the relationships that are truly important with our families, friends, and even the stranger on the street. (Mt 25: 35-44) And in doing so, we would be actively pursuing the fulfillment of the 2 Great Commands. (Mt 22:37-40)

Relationship is why Messiah came. Our relationship with the Father was destroyed by sin and without any means of repair or restoration. This is why He had to die on the cross; so that our relationship with Abba could once again be restored. (Rom 5:8-11; Rom 8:14-17)

Throughout the Bible we see His redemptive plan to restore that which was broken. From Adam and the coats of skin, to placing a mark upon Cain; all of these are a witness of Elohim and His involvement in the daily affairs of men; even when they have fallen.(Gen 3:21; Gen 4:6-7)

Do we believe that since Messiah came, that our Father is no longer interested in a relationship with His creation? Has He become silent even distant from us until Messiah returns? (Jn 10: 4-5, 14, 27-30)

If we believe that the shadow of the former things were in place to point us to Messiah…then we must believe that because we have entered into a more sure covenant through the blood or our Messiah that Abba has longed for this day when sinful men could once again enter into His presence and relationship with Him. (Col 2:17; Heb 8:5; Heb 10:1)

Why not take some time today and get alone with Abba Father. Take time to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal areas where your first love has grown dim. Ask Him to point out areas in your life where priorities have become miss-aligned and to help you to right them again.

Let the mirror of the Word to have its perfect work in you! We love you, pray for you and long to see you all again so!

Please pray for our family. Pray that we will live out Matthew 5:13-16. Pray for the many, many needs of the ministry to be met.

Thank you for your prayers, your love and your continued faithful, financial support.

In Simple Obedience and Love,
Evangelist Larry Walters; a Sent One
Acts 26:16-18

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