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2011 Highlights and 2012 Prayer Points

2011 was a powerful impact year for the Gospel of Christ! Here are a few highlights...

1.       We complete our final 2 months in India seeing thousands of souls come to Christ.

2.       We established ministry connections and have continued to disciple new believers and leaders in India over the past year through weekly contacts, online teaching and calls via Skype.

3.       We ministered in Pakistan via Skype to a house church from India and are in weekly contact with ministries in Pakistan developing these relationships.

4.       We have received invitations from 15 nations and are developing relationships with each and seeking open doors to answer there cry of “come over and help us.”

5.       We ministered in Grenada seeing more than 250 souls come to Christ, established street outreaches and developing key relationships.

6.       We have finished our 1st booklet titled “By What Name Do You Know Him?” and are ready to print. We are 80% funded for this project.

7.       We have begun a study on Isaiah 58 that will be available in booklet form in 2012, Lord willing, that is already ministering into the lives of many of our prayer and ministry partners.

8.       We are currently in Mt Vernon, OH in the following capacity:

a.       Acting Rabbi at Mogen David Synagogue reaching out to a Jewish community 15 minutes from our doors.

b.      Weekly services Friday Evenings at 7:30 PM

c.       Hilel and Paleo Hebrew instruction weekly on and off-site

d.      Active in the community through Evangelism, Discipleship, Counseling, and Developing Kingdom Leaders that will be an Impact locally, nationally, and globally.

9.       Preparing our return to India in 2012 for His Glory!

a.       Operation Life-Line for Oppressed People based in Secunderabad, with Pastor Manoharjohn Inja. This will be our base of operations in India. The location is strategically placed for transportation, discipleship and a national outreach.

This Metropolis is home to more than 4 million and is the twin city to Hyderabad a metropolis of more than 5 million. The cost of living in Secunderabad in a three bedroom apt /home office including all expenses will run approximately $500 monthly and we are seeking a ministry budget of $1000 for travel expenses and outreach needs.

In this home we will be able to host ministerial couples and individuals and send them into full time discipleship throughout India.

b.      Hosting a pastor’s conference in Vizianagaram for 678 pastors with Pastor Piridi Paul of Dayamaya Evangelical Ministries in September 2012. This will allow us to impact more than 2000 villages! We will equip the men of God who will take the Word of God to empower the people of God through the Spirit of God to reach their village, state and nation for the Glory of God.

c.       Establishing ministry partnership with a key leader in Kakinada Pastor Yelchuri Sudhakara Rao, a mighty man of God.

d.      Returning to Rajahmundry to follow up with our host family from the village of Koti, Evangelist VJ Rao, his wife Krupah and their sons Suresh and Bobby. This was also where Grace Ministries, Koti was established to meet the needs of the elderly.

e.      Follow up with Pastor Praveen in Kakinada and the villages where our 1st well was established ministering clean water to 15 villages (Barrimidi).

f.        Returning to Coimbatore, Tamilnadu to follow up with “our boys” at this orphanage, the Bible school students and Dr Christie Solomon and his sons Nehemiah Christie and Jabez Christie and their families.

With all that needs to be accomplished, I want to quote from our Messiah Jesus, “without Me you can do nothing.” It is humbling to be included in the plans of an All-Sufficient God Who does not need us to accomplish His plans in the world. He chooses to allow us to be His instruments for His glory and honor because of His great love for us and those He sends us to.

Do we treat God as “needy” and “we” are the “answer of His prayers?” We need Him. We are in constant need of His abiding presence every moment of our lives.

And it is to this end that we have placed our lives into His capable hands and are praying that He will, through His Spirit, empower us with His Word to take the Gospel to the unreached and unengaged people for His Glory.

We thank you for partnering with us this year and in the years to come. May we be poured out for His glory!

Please Prayerfully Consider Becoming a Full-Time Ministry Supporter!

We thank our heavenly Father for you all making mention of you in our prayers often. And we pray that the intimacy of your relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ will grow and become more and more effectual as you acknowledge every good thing that is in you in Him.

Our joy is overflowing because of the love you have for us and the compassion you have for lost souls that are without the greatest message of all time…Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God; Who gave Himself as a ransom for many and Who is alive forevermore!

May our heavenly Father minister His grace and peace to you all through His Spirit and Word now and forever!

In Simple Love, Faith, & Obedience,

Larry and Ana Walters
Evangelist to the Nations!
Matthew 24:14

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