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Back-To-India 2012 Ramp-Up Report

Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus the Christ)!
It is official; we are now residing in Columbus, Ohio. Our personal mailing address is:
Larry and Ana Walters
2490 Winding Hills Drive
Columbus, OH 43224
Our ministry mailing address is still:
Evangelists Larry and Ana Walters
C/O Christ's Creek Mission
288 Ball Lane
Harlan, KY 40831
For the next year Ana and I will remain the guardians of Rachel and Leah Evans as our daughter makes the adjustments from wife to widow and single-mother of 4 wonderful children, Prayers are still needed for her inner healing and direction in her life.
This summer we are in our final phase of preparations for my return to India. Here is our ministry schedule while I am in India.
1.      September- I will be working alongside of Pridi Paul in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, South India.
a.      We will be conducting a pastor’s and evangelists training conference for 678 pastors and evangelists
b.      We will also be laboring with them in the unreached regions of India
c.      There are 500 pastors/evangelists that will be graduating and they have asked for our ministry to ordain them to the Gospel Ministry. This comes with an even greater responsibility!
d.      There are 25,000 laypersons that we will teach about personal evangelism, discipleship, prayer and spiritual warfare. Along with this we will conduct an overview of each book in the Bible.
2.      October- I will “Shift-gears” and assist Pastor Joy Varghese, Dr. Div, in the most northern state of India, Punjabi.
a.      Pastor Joy already has established 2 Schools of Theology in southern and central India. We will assist with the planting and establishing a School of Theology in Punjabi.
b.      There are already 68 students enrolled and this is expected to exceed 100 by October.
c.      Each student will be directly connected to our ministry. Our prayer is for each student to be equipped and trained as disciple-makers who will pioneer satellite branches that will Reach, Teach, Send, and Duplicate efforts in remote tribal regions.
3.      November- Back to Andhra Pradesh- We will be meeting with several ministry leaders.
a.      Our 1st prayer is as we “sit down” breaking bread together that we will open lines of communication in order to come along side of one another as a mighty army working in unity rather that dysfunctional disunity.
b.      Our primary purpose is to establish key foundational doctrines and allow them to be our point of unity so that we can reach all of India with the Gospel
c.      Our secondary purpose is to grow a global vision and prepare future missionaries to go from India to the nations with the Gospel.
4.      REMINDER: since our 1st visit to India we have asked for Abba to give us more than 1,000 pastors and evangelists who are:
a.       Passionate in their personal relationship with Our Heavenly Father and His Word on a personal, prayerful level.
b.      Passionate about carrying the Gospel to India’s 2900+ unreached and unengaged people groups.
c.      Passionate about Discipleship:
                                           i.    Reaching the lost
                                          ii.    Teaching daily
                                         iii.    Spending much time in prayer for and with disciples
                                         iv.    Sending them out to reach the unreached.
5.      In order to accomplish this task we need to generate $25,000 in the next 2.5 months
6.      Many churches, classes, home groups and individuals are seeking ways to sow into the Kingdom of God. We need “Door-Openers” that will connect our ministry with Kingdom-Minded individuals, families, congregations and business owners who are prayerfully and financial able to partner with us For His Glory!
In Simple Love…we go!
Larry and Ana Walters
Evangelists to the Nations!
Matt 24:14

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  1. We are also Praying for your wonderful ministry work. Our Loving and Mighty Lord guide you and bless you.