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22 March 2012

Thank You for Visiting Our Site!

The purpose of our ministry is to establish and equip local congregations in India and Beyond through Discipleship Training Centers, Compassionate Care Centers of India, and Mummy Ana's Childrens Home. Real Discipleship is Daily according to our Messiah Yahshua in Luke 9:23. We have decided to follow Messiah, no turning turning back.

We are excited about the call that the LORD has placed upon our lives! The message of hope has long been forgotten in many lives; allowing the spirit of despondency and division to gain a stronghold.

Isaiah 61:1-11, Matthew 25:31-40 & 28:18-20, Ephesians 4:1-16, Micah 4:5 and
Psalm 126:1-6 are key passages in our ministry.

The God of all the universe has placed each of us here, at this appointed time. We are told that the good works we are to do have been prepared beforehand by the Father for us to walk in them. (Eph 2:10)

We all have been given "this Ministry of Reconciliation" and the "Word of Reconciliation" has been "committed unto us." (2 Cor 5:17-19) The Great Commission is not a one time event for the saints of old. It is alive for us all today!

In order to fulfill the Great Commission we must first live our lives by the Great Commands. When we love the LORD our God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength; then we will want to carry the Gospel to the lost and unreached. For the Second Command, we are told, is like unto the first; loving our neighbor as ourselves.

How can we take the Glorious Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven to a lost and dying world? Individually, this task would seem impossible. (Although all things are possible with God!)

When we function as the Body of Christ this is accomplished. There are those who are called "to go" and there are those who are called "to send."

Our call is "to go."

Will you answer your call "to send?"