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By What Name Do You Know Him?
(6 page booklet or 12 pages spiral-bound )
Has the Holy Spirit ever deposited a passage of Scripture
into your spirit? Have you been drawn to a key verse over and
over again?
This is how a seemingly simple text from Exodus 6:2-3 gripped me.
This passage consumed my devotional times, quiet times, and prayer
times. Over and again the words would repeat themselves in me.
Enjoy this simple teaching and prepare to learn the difference
between knowledge of the Holy One and entering into a personal
relationship with the Uncreated One.
(Available in booklet form or as a PDF download.)

The Feast of Passover Haggadah
(30 page spiral-bound book)
Experience the Teaching Meal!
What is the Feast of Passover? Is it just an "Old Testament"
teaching or does it apply to us today?
Why would a follower of Christ celebrate Passover today?
What are all of the elements of a Passover Seder (meal)?
These and other questions are answered by Rabbi Larry Walters
in this informative Haggadah (the telling) written for today's Believer
and can be used as a teaching tool for families, home groups, classes
and even congregations.
(Available in booklet form or as a PDF download.)

Freedom Found in Isaiah 58!
Breaking the Religious Cycle By Delighting in the LORD
Only available as a spiral bound  booklet.
Order Your Copies Today!

Hebrew Classes Basic, Paleo and an in-depth study of the Calendar of Yahweh !
Have you ever wanted to become a better student of the Bible?

Why not engage yourself in a fun and interactive Hebrew course?

Courses can be taught as a 1, 2 or 3 day seminar, a weekly course, or online where ever you are!

Learning the Basics the Hebrew Alef-Bet in a fun and informative class!
Basics+1 includes instruction in Paleo Hebrew, a word-picture language study                  
Basics+2 includes 11 week Paleo study and the Prophetic Significance of YAHVEH'S Calendar

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Evangelists Larry and Ana Walters
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Speaking Engagements:
Evangelist Larry Walters is an International Conference Speaker, Teacher, and Evangelist to the Nations!
His anointed teaching style brings the Scriptures to life as he engages the congregation through effective interaction and visual instruction.

To Attend or Host a Conference please call or email.

Together we are reaching the unreached and unengaged people with the life changing power of the Gospel of Christ!

Our ministry is solely supported by the generous financial giving of our family, friends and faithful ministry partners.

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