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A Teaching for Leaders...Study and Teach to Others

(This is a teaching outline covering the sins of Rehoboam and Jeroboam and how the sins of Jeroboam have repeated themselves in the modern day church culture...)
5-Fold Ministry Leader’s Conference
I. History has repeated itself…again!
a. Text(s)
i. 1 Kings 11:26-15:6
ii. 2 Chronicles 10:1-13:22
b. Key People
i. Rehoboam-(defined later)
1. Solomon’s Son
2. King of Judah
ii. Jeroboam –Our Key Character
1. H3379-from H7378 & H5971
a. The People Will Contend
2. 7378-“Rub/Reeb”- Prim Root; Properly to toss; i.e. grapple; mostly figuratively, to wrangle, i.e. to hold a controversy; by implication to defend
3. 5971-“
4. Dim”-from H6004; a people (as a congregated unit), specifically, a tribe (as those of Israel); hence (collectively) troops or attendants; figuratively; a flock.
5. Jeroboam in 1 Kings 11:28 is known as “a mighty man of valor.”
6. Given a Divine prophecy by prophet Ahiyah
a. New garment cut into 12 pieces
b. “take 10 pieces for yourself” = 10 tribes of Israel , also called;
i. The 10 Northern Tribes
ii. The Northern Kingdom
iii. The House of Israel
iv. The Scattered Sheep of the House of Israel
v. Ephraim or
1. The House of Ephraim
2. The Wild Olive Branch
II. What brought about this division?
a. Solomon’ s Adultery and Idolatry (1 Ki 11:33)
b. Forsaking YHVH
c. Serving Foreign gods
i. Ashtoreth, goddess of the Zidonians (love)
ii. Chemosh, the god of the Moabites (to subdue)
iii. Milcom, the chief god of Ammon (national idol)
d. Failed to walk in YHVH’S ways to do rightly
e. Did not keep His statutes and judgment
III. The Davidic Covenant still honored by YHVH
a. 1 Kings 11:34-38
b. 1 Kings 11:40-43 – Solomon knew about the division coming causing
c. Jeroboam to flee INTO EGYPT
d. Solomon reigned 40 years
e. Succeeded by Rehoboam
(Key thoughts concerning generational curses and blessings)
IV. Enter Rehoboam’s reign- 1 Kings 12:1
a. Actually name is ReChaB’aM
i. H7346 from H7337 and H5971 (Am) a people has enlarged;
ii. H7337-RaChab- a prim root; to broaden (intransitive or transitive, literal or figurative); KJV-be and make large, make room, make (open) wide
b. 1 Kings 12:5 “three days to consider…”
i. Rejected wise council (v 6-8)
ii. Accepted foolish council (v8-11)
c. 1 Kings 12:19 is a power verse/key verse, “So Israel rebelled against the house of David unto this day.”
d. 1 Kings 12:20- Jeroboam made king over 10 northern tribes.
e. The Rebellion
i. Rehoboam goes to squash the rebellion – V 21
ii. Obeyed YHVH and did not attack-v24
V. Jeroboam’s fears result in Israel’s sins-12:25-27
a. Fear of YHVH’S Word not being able to complete Its purposes and promises
b. Fear of the loss of his kingdom (as if he got it by himself)
c. Fear of the loss of his life
d. As a side note look at where Jeroboam lived, built and dwelt
i. Shechem in Mt Ephraim
ii. Penuel
e. JUST Like Rehoboam Takes poor council – 12:28
VI. The Sins of Jeroboam
a. Built 2 golden calves
i. “Behold thy gods, O Israel, which brought you up from the land of Egypt.”
ii. Where did he learn about the golden calves (Egypt)
iii. Placed calves: v 29
1. Bethel
2. Dan
b. The People sin v 30
c. A system of false worship created: v31-33
i. Built the “house of high places”
ii. Removed all Levitical Priests
iii. Made priests of the lowest people (ensuring their loyalty)
iv. Ordained his own feasts in violation to the Feasts of YHVH to keep the people from their roots
v. Created a false altar for sacrifices
1. Sacrificed in Bethel
a. Set up Bethel’s Priests
b. Added burning incense to false worship system
c. Kept the false feasts
VII. The Results of Jeroboam’s Sins
a. Led to the separation of the 2 Kingdoms in 722 BC
b. Assyria dispersed them (10 Tribes)
c. Never returned to their rightful place
d. A Remnant Remains
i. 2 Chronicles 30:1-12
ii. Hosea 3:5
VIII. The Church has committed these sins for exactly the same reasons…to establish a separate identity for herself apart from Israel.
a. Yahshua instructed the apostles in Mark 11:29 concerning their identity with Israel and the Sh’ma.
b. The early church followed this as their guide (1st century)
c. However, by the 2nd-3rd century the changes were implemented
i. Council 1 & 2 of Nicea
ii. Council of Laodicea
IX. The Sins Revealed
a. The “Mystical Holy Trinity” created as the way to “define” YHVH in direct opposition to His most holy name found in
ii. “I will be that which I will be.”
iii. Here YHVH made the declaration the He cannot be defined
iv. Because man has attempted (and failed) to define for himself a god called the “Mystical Holy Trinity”
1. a separation from Israel and
2. Correct biblical definition begins
b. Erecting Alien Altars called “Universal Altars” see
i. Ex 25:40
ii. Hebrews 8:5
iii. 2 Chronicles 7:16
iv. “Christians” viewed  the destruction of the Temple as making it obsolete
v. They then associated the Heavenly Altar as a Mystical Altar to be associated with the altars found in the sanctuary of the church building.
vi. This view violates the Biblical, geographical location for the Altar of YHVH
c. The Sin of establishing different feasts than the Feasts of YHVH
i. Sabbath done away with or changed to “Sun-day” by Constantine and the 3 councils mentioned above.
1. Ex 31:16-17
2. Dan 7:25
ii. Establishing pagan days as feasts days and called them “Christian Holidays”
1. “Easter” or Ishtar Day VS Passover
2. Christ-mass VS Sukkot
3. These are separate from true biblical revelation
4. Voodoo is the mixture of anything holy with anything pagan hence profaning it all together.
5. All saints day now call “Halloween”
X. The call to Repentance
a. From the “Mystical Holy Trinity” to the worship of
i. The Holy One of Israel
ii. His Messiah, and
iii. The Holy Spirit
b. From the “universal spiritual altar” to the altar of Elohim in Jerusalem, and
c. From all pagan feasts and Sabbath days back to the Biblical Feasts of YHVH
WARNING: Will the churches which cling to the Constatinian traditions become the prey of the false prophets envisioned by John in Revelation 13 & 19 and Yahshua in Matthew 7:21-25 that will stand alongside of the beast governmental system of the earth?
Glory Cloud Example:
1. John Huss (Yan Hus from Slovakia to Martin Luther in Wittenberg “the just shall live by Faith”)
2. John Wesley - Holiness Movement
3. William Seymour (Azusa Street)  – Pentecost
4. Smith Wigglesworth-Oral Roberts –Heidi Baker Miracles
5. Rick Joyner/Dutch Sheets – Prophetic-Apostolic
6. Christ Church by the Jaffa Gate- 1840 Jerusalem
7. Hebrew Christian Alliance-1860 Britain
8. Israel became a nation 1948 - Hebraic Roots Movement by the Ruach Ha Kodesh!
9. Moishe Rosen-Jews 4 Jesus
10. Martin Chernoff- Michael Rood-Zola Levitt-Ken Garrison-and so many more!
11. Jerusalem – Abba’s time clock – 1967 – Tic-Toc…
12. Ray Vander Laan-Francis Chan-David Platt~2000AD-Biblical Discipleship Restored
Do not cling to your traditions and miss everything you have longed for!

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