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Fuel for your prayer Part II…Looking back…Looking ahead!

Warm greetings to you all in the name of our Messiah Yahshua, Jesus the Christ! As I recollect our journeys in India I am reminded of how Abba had His hand upon us every step of the way. How you ask? Here is just one example of hundreds!

My love, Ana, and I applied for our passports on the same day. We knew we were headed to India and we knew that we would be headed out in September. However, when we arrived at my parents in TX my passport was not completed. I had to “prove” that I was actually Larry Walters.

Upon returning home I resubmitted my passport and the passport offices and I concurred…I am…me! (It’s OK…go ahead and laugh, we did.) Because of this delay we were not able to go to the consulate offices in Houston to apply for our visas.

After my passport arrived, we applied for our visas online. We wanted to apply for our missionary visas; however, it would have costs $140 more and India only approves them for 90 days…
We applied for our tourist visas instead, saving us $140 total and we were needed in India for 5 months!
Had we returned in November, we would have missed Abba’s timing, and more importantly, His purpose for our trip would have been unfulfilled.

So many souls would not have met Jesus…the well we sponsored would not have been built which is providing water for 15 villages even today! The 61 children at Kotipalli Children’s Home would not have received the blankets they so desperately needed; especially since India suffered with an exceptionally cold winter this year. We would not have met “our boys” in Coimbatore, Tami Nadu. This list could continue for pages!!!

I have written this to ask you to pray that Michael and I will follow Yahweh and His timing even in our upcoming trip. 3 months apart from our families is a small sacrifice compared to the foundation that will be laid to establish India as one of the strongest missionary nations over the next few years. Who could ever place a value upon the millions that will be directly impacted by the Gospel due to the challenge we will bring to more than 1200 pastors and evangelists?

Please pray for our families, the people we will meet, and the necessary funds for our trip to be released. Thank you for your prayers, and your financial support. We are in the final 7 weeks of preparation and need to raise almost $22,000.  There is no donation too small or too great. Why not pray, and invite others in your circles of influence to partner together with you to raise $1,000, $5,000 or more!?!

Oh how the memories of yesterday become the fuel for tomorrows journey! Stay tuned…for more memories as looking back helps us to look ahead while providing fresh fuel for our prayers!

~Evangelist Larry Walters…Matthew 24:14

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